Steering Group Minutes


Joint Neighbourhood Plan (NP) Meeting

Held on 29th April 2015 at 12.00pm in Abbeydore Village Hall

Toby Murcott(Abbeydore & Bacton), Peter Rostron (AB), David Bannister (AB), John Pring (Kentchurch), Liz Overstall (Ewyas Harold Group), Fred Belcher (EH), Carla Boyles (Clerk, Ewyas Harold Group) and Carys Jones (Savills)
1 Apologies
2 Carys Jones representing Kentchurch Estate
Ms Jones explained that the estate would like to comment on the plan and submit sites to be included in the plan, but these had not been detailed as yet and the deadline for the Regulation 14 consultation had passed.  Toby Murcott explained the timescales involved, the current stage that the plan was at and that the estate had been aware of and consulted upon the plan throughout the process.  It was agreed that while the steering group was interested in any comments from the estate, and these were welcomed earlier rather than later, they would not be formal comments as part of the Regulation 14 consultation.  It was agreed for comments to be received by 13th May 2015.
Ms Jones asked whether affordable housing was desirable within the plan area and it was confirmed that it was.
3 Report from Toby Murcott and Liz Overstall regarding Core Strategy updates and compliance
After reviewing the proposed modifications it was viewed that the housing figures that had been included in the plan would remain and the plan would continue on its existing basis.
4 Comments on the Regulation 14 consultation including EA comments on flood zones
Liz Overstall went through the comments received on the Regulation 14 consultation and proposed action was discussed and agreed.
In summary, Liz Overstall would action the agreed changes to the document, except:
Toby Murcott to speak to Kirkwells regarding additional wording to strengthen preservation of the natural environment.
Toby Murcott and Dave Bannister to look at G10 and guidance from the Bat Conservation Trust.
Fred Belcher to look at G7 and the Green Infrastructure guidance.
Toby Murcott to look at G5 and sustainable drainage systems.
Toby Murcott to ask Malcolm Walker re. G8 and request he investigate ownership of the verge opposite Dore Abbey and possible car parking and footways.
The Environment Agency had commented that they would expect all built development to be located within Flood Zone 1, which was in conflict with the draft plan.  Toby Murcott would consult Kirkwells on how to deal with this.  In relation to the proposed school move, this could only be dealt with to the extent of the remit of the NDP, as ultimately it would be the school and Herefordshire Council’s remit.  Toby Murcott would speak to their relevant representatives regarding this.  The possibility of all development in Ewyas Harold requiring a flood risk assessment would be investigated.
Advice would be sought from Kirkwells on two submissions from members of the public and these would be responded to accordingly.
5 Agree action on the comments
The proposed action detailed above, along with suggested wording/terminology changes were agreed.


Joint Neighbourhood Plan (NP) MeetingHeld on 3rd February 2015 at 12.30pm in Abbeydore Village Hall
Toby Murcott(Abbeydore & Bacton), Dave Cook (AB), David Bannister (AB), John Pring (Kentchurch), Liz Overstall (Ewyas Harold Group), Fred Belcher (EH) and Carla Boyles (Clerk, Ewyas Harold Group)
1 Discussion of the Draft for the Regulation 14 Consultation
Toby Murcott had spoken to both Sam Banks at Herefordshire Council and Michael Wellock at Kirkwells and they were both of the opinion that the deadline imposed due to purdah of 16th February for Regulation 14 consultations to commence was achievable.  The plan would need to be with Herefordshire Council for 15th February, for commencement on 16th February.
Amendments/clarification points raised were:
The possibility of indexing was raised.  Due to the deadline, if this were to be considered, it would need to be for the next draft.  Toby Murcott to refer to Michael Wellock for opinion.
The section relating to moving the school and a letter received from the landowner of the preferred site were discussed.  Use of the old school site was not included in the draft.  Toby Murcott to refer to Michael Wellock for opinion.  Whether the whole of the school site was in the ownership of Herefordshire Council was queried.  Toby Murcott to make enquiries to ascertain. 
Michael Wellock had advised against the inclusion of a separate infrastructure section and it was agreed to take his advice.
The possibility of mapping the green spaces identified in the plan was discussed.  It was agreed that this would be a good idea for the next draft, but only necessary for Ewyas Harold.  Ewyas Harold to draw map for inclusion in next draft.
No amendments to EH5 regarding the local centre, as per suggestion by Sam Banks, had been carried out.  TM to query with Michael Wellock.
A consultation comment regarding footpath construction was discussed.  EH3 to be extended to be plan wide.
Query re. wording of Ewyas Harold objective 6 relating to parking at the former Catholic Church site.  Toby Murcott to refer to Michael Wellock for opinion.
The option of a glossary for the next draft was considered.  Glossary to be added to next draft.
All were satisfied that all comments from the consultation and Sam Banks had now been dealt with sufficiently.
The guideline for timings was agreed as estimating reaching referendum stage by October 2015 and have a final Neighbourhood Plan by November 2015.
The options for submission of comments on the draft were agreed.
Approval from all relevant parish councils required, prior to commencement of consultation.
Carla Boyles to set up Surveymonkey
Proof for postcard mail out was agreed.  Carla Boyles to get these printed as soon as possible.
Stamps/labelling to be done by Malcolm Walker, Liz Overstall and Fred Belcher.
Liz Overstall to design a poster for noticeboards.
Carla Boyles to include details of the formal consultation in the Hereford Times.
Postcards to be sent on Wednesday 11th February.
Toby Murcott to liaise with Malcolm Walker regarding updating of website.
Carla Boyles to arrange printing of 15 hard copies of the plan.
Carla Boyles to update consultation response form.  Home printing to be used for comment forms.


Joint Neighbourhood Plan (NP) MeetingHeld on 12th December 2012 at 7pm in Ewyas Harold Memorial Hall
Cllrs Iain McNeil(Ewyas Harold), Allan Burgoyne (Ewyas Harold), Mrs Liz Overstall (Dulas), John Pring (Kentchurch), Toby Murcott (Abbey Dore & Bacton), Andy Shipp (Clerk for EHGPC)
Cllrs Richard Baker, Mrs Judith Webb, C Cllr Graham Powell
Cllr L Overstall agreed to chair the meeting
  • It was confirmed that the identified £5,000 funding was to cover the joint plan and was not allocated to individual parishes.
Group Structure
  • Ratio of parish councillors would be apportioned according to electoral roll and would be made up of 5 from EHGPC, 2 KPC and 2 AD & BGPC. It was agreed that it would be more workable if these were identified individuals rather than a rolling representation
  • Kentchurch have identified 3 named individuals, and it was proposed that this system be adopted by the other 2 councils
  • Quorum was agreed to be 3 councillors from EHGPC (of which 1 must be from EH ward) with 1 from each of the other parish councils
It was identified that the following expertise/representation may need to be co-opted onto the group:

  • Planning (C Cllr G Powell may be able to provide details of a suitable candidate)
  • Drainage (Mark Ponting to be asked)
  • Sports
  • School
  • Kentchurch estate
  • Meetings to be held monthly from 7pm on the 3rd Tuesday of the month. Generally meetings to be held at the Ewyas Harold Memorial Hall, with some rotation to the other parishes.
  • It was noted that all public meetings would be replicated throughout all parishes
  • EHGPC has completed many of the required sections of the NP through its Parish Plan. This can be viewed at
  • Cllr L Overstall indicated her willingness to help the other parishes in their catch-up process.
  • It was felt that it would be reasonable to expect that they could hold their required public meetings in early spring 2013


Joint Neighbourhood Plan (NP) MeetingHeld on 15th January 2013 at 7pm in Ewyas Harold Memorial Hall
Cllrs Iain McNeil(Ewyas Harold), Mrs Liz Overstall (Dulas), John Pring (Kentchurch), Toby Murcott, Dave Cook, David Bannister (Abbey Dore & Bacton), Andy Shipp (Clerk for EHGPC)
Cllrs Richard Baker, Mrs Judith Webb, A Burgoyne, C Cllr Graham Powell
Cllr L Overstall agreed to chair the meeting. It was noted that this meeting was not quorate.
Abbey Dore & Bacton Update
  • Three members present tonight have been identified as representatives.
  • Have circulated Liz Overstall’s guidance based on EHGPC’s experience gathering information for Parish Plan.
  • Will be conducting inquiry on lines of parish plan but will not be producing a Parish Plan.
  • First public meeting for N Plan has been provisionally set for April 25th 2013. (Advised by Sam Banks that a meeting for every parish is not a requirement as long as everybody is informed and meeting is held at reasonable location).
  • Considering how to publicize plan. (It was noted that some work had to be done before this could include a broader promotion of the joint plan)
Kentchurch Update
  • Yet to hold parish council meeting to discuss N Plan but would expect to follow similar format to that of AD&B.
It was identified that the following would need to be discussed at the February meeting:

  • Agenda procedure
  • Election of Chair (and deputy?)
  • Make-up of Steering Group and Consultation Group – including method of selection and expertise required.
  • Establishment of time-line
  • Map requirements


Samantha Banks to be invited to March meeting – Toby MurcottJames Latham to contacted re Service Level Agreement – Andy Shipp
Next Meeting
Tuesday 19th February at 7pm in the Memorial Hall


Joint Neighbourhood Plan (NP) MeetingHeld on 19th February 2013 at 7pm in Ewyas Harold Memorial Hall
Cllrs Richard Baker, Paul Baker, Peter Jinman (EHGPC), John Pring (Kentchurch), Dave Cook, David Bannister (Abbey Dore & Bacton), Andy Shipp (Clerk for EHGPC)
1 Apologies
Cllrs Iain McNeil, Judith Webb, Liz Overstall, A Burgoyne, Toby Murcott
2 Election of Chair
Dave Cook proposed Richard Baker, who indicated his willingness to undertake the role. The period of office was set to be reviewed after 12 months.
3 Election of Vice Chair
Proposed that John Pring and Toby Murcott (agreement to be sought at next meeting) share this role.
4 Agenda Procedure
Items for next meeting to be identified at current meeting or sent to the Clerk at least 7 days before next meeting. Future meetings to be advertised to the public once clearer idea of process formulated.
5 Quorum Review
No change was proposed
6 Service Level Agreement
This was signed by Richard Baker on behalf of EHGPC, and will be circulated to other Parish Councils for their approval. Copy of completed form to be taken before returning to Herefordshire Council.
7 Selection method for Steering Group and Consultation Group
Will discuss with Samantha Banks on 19th March
8 Establishment of time-line
Will discuss with Samantha Banks on 19th March
9 Drawing down funds
Need to identify areas of costs and agree budget as first step
10 Mapping requirements
Parishes are registered under Ordnance Survey, therefore ordering maps for public meetings should be straightforward. (Equipment purchased through CGT grants should permit electronic presentation as well)
11 Update
  • Public meetings for Abbey Dore & Bacton and Kentchurch have been set for 25th and 29th April respectively. (This is part of the Parish Plan information catch-up, necessary action ahead of formulation of joint Neighbourhood Plan)
  • Articles will be included in future Newsletters to identify relevant activities throughout all the parishes
Next Meeting
Tuesday 19th March at 7pm in the Memorial Hall


Joint Neighbourhood Plan (NP) MeetingHeld on 19th March 2013 at 7pm in Ewyas Harold Memorial Hall
Cllrs Iain McNeil (EHGPC), John Pring (Kentchurch), Dave Cook, David Bannister, Toby Murcott (Abbey Dore & Bacton), Andy Shipp (Clerk for EHGPC), Fred Belcher, Angela Curtis (Ewyas Harold), Samantha Banks (HC)
Toby Murcott accepted the nomination of Vice Chair proposed at the February meeting, and in the absence of Richard Baker chaired the meeting.
It was noted that the meeting was yet again inquorate.
1 Apologies
Cllrs Richard Baker, Judith Webb, Liz Overstall, A Burgoyne, Peter Jinman
2 Service Level Agreement
Has been signed by EHGPC and AD&BGPC. Kentchurch PC will be signing at its next council meeting on 20th March.
3 Guidance Session (with Samantha Banks)
3.1 Quorum
  Recommend keeping proportion identified in previous minutes, but include Cllrs and volunteers.It was noted that Steering Group (SG) can only recommend, with Parish Councils (PC) to authorise, therefore advisable to have at least one Cllr from each PC on SG.
3.2 Budget Plan (pro-forma will be sent to Clerks)
  • Needs to be agreed by PCs, with identified spending limits and ratios between parishes.
  • Invoices and reclaims must be raised by PCs
  • Acceptable to spend on anything that progresses the NP
3.3 Funding
  • Currently set at £5,000 but could increase if other parishes in Golden Valley South decide against having a NP (deadline end of 2013)
  • Extra source of income of up to £7,000 could be available through Diversity + Civic Leadership (DCL). More details will be available on 15th April. Funds can be used on furthering NP or to seek help through
3.4 Setting up NP Groups (see HC note 28 Setting up Steering Group – Mar 13
  • Important that message is got to as many people as possible – as for Parish Plan consider locations.
  • Suggestion – Steering Group for initial discussion, use larger forum group for feedback. When happy with recommendations send out for further public consultation. This approach should help with final referendum.
  • Project Plan will hopefully be available by Easter 2013




3.5 Timeline
  Hopefully 18 months to complete NP, but this is not fixed. This would tie in with Core Strategy replacing Unitary Development Plan (planned for summer 2014). NP will then become planning law along with Core Strategy.
3.6 Training
  NP Training for PCs (1 year on) – 25th April from 6-9 pm at Hereford Town Hall. Places for up to 3 Cllrs/representatives from each group
3.7 General
  NP should reflect local need and be based upon evidence based assessment. Guidance sheets are available on HC website.Public questionnaire for local adaptation should be available by Easter 2013.
3.8 NP Update
  3 groups are well advanced with their NPs whereas the majority are at the same stage as this group.
Next Meeting
Tuesday 16th April at 7pm in the Memorial Hall


Joint Neighbourhood Plan (NP) MeetingHeld on 16th April 2013 at 7pm in Ewyas Harold Memorial Hall
Cllrs Iain McNeil (EHGPC), John Pring (Kentchurch), Dave Cook, David Bannister, Toby Murcott (Abbey Dore & Bacton), Andy Shipp (Clerk for EHGPC), Fred Belcher, Angela Curtis (Ewyas Harold)
Following the resignation of Richard Baker as Cllr for EHGPC, Toby Murcott chaired the meeting.
1 Apologies
Cllrs Peter Jinman, Judith Webb, and Malcolm Walker (Clerk for KPC and AD&BGPC
2 Quorum and Meeting Review
Following advice from Samantha Banks, the quorum requirement was changed to 3 representatives from EHGPC (1 of which must be a Cllr), 1 Cllr from AD&BGPC, and 1 Cllr from KPC.The problem of attendance on the third Tuesday of each month was noted. It was resolved that after the May meeting a more flexible approach be adopted.
3 Establishment of Budget
AD&BGPC identified that it would require approximately £200 of funds to hold its public meeting later in April (including postage costs). The Group recommended that this was an appropriate expenditure. Maps will also need to be purchased as an extra expense.It was noted that more advice was required on the creation of a meaningful budget plan.Resolved that Toby and Andy would raise query with Samantha Banks, and that Toby would invite her to attend the May meeting.
4 Selection of Steering Group
Those present were identified as the core group. Still need to identify additional people with specific skills.
5 Update from Parishes
AD&BGPCPublic meeting to be held next week.KPCReviewing position with regards to continuing as member of NP Group.Decision should be reached at next meeting on 15th May.This raised the question as to how this would affect the approved designation. Guidance will be sought from Samantha Banks.
Next Meeting
Tuesday 21st May at 7pm in the Memorial Hall


Joint Neighbourhood Plan (NP) MeetingHeld on 21st May 2013 at 7pm in Abbeydore Village Hall
Cllrs Iain McNeil, P Jinman (EHGPC), John Pring (Kentchurch), Dave Cook, Peter Rostron, Toby Murcott (Abbeydore & Bacton), Andy Shipp (Clerk for EHGPC), Fred Belcher, Angela Curtis (Ewyas Harold), Samantha Banks (HC)
It was proposed and accepted that Toby Murcott took on the role of Chair, and this is duly noted.
1 Apologies
Cllr Judith Webb (EHGPC)
2 Update from Parishes
KPCParish council meeting scheduled for the 15th will be held on 22nd May therefore still to discuss possibility of withdrawing from Joint Neighbourhood Plan.AD&BGPCPublic meeting held on 25th April was well attended and a wide range of opinions were expressed. Still to evaluate the written feedback notes, but hope to produce a questionnaire based on these, and using the model format supplied by Ewyas Harold. Hoped that finalised questionnaire should be sent out within the next 2 months.Suggested that questionnaire be distributed through Kentchurch to identify level of interest
3 Guidance Session (with Samantha Banks)
Q 75% of Kentchurch parish is owned by Kentchurch Estate and remaining 25% show little interest in being involved with Plan. Is it worth KPC being a partner of the joint NP?
A Core Strategy may be sufficient if there are no development pressures in remaining 25%.
Q How would KPC’s withdrawal affect current joint Plan?
A Would have to revoke designated area and then reapply (with further 6 week consultation period).Funding unchanged at £5,000If AD&B and EHGPC went for separate NPs funding would be split equally.
Q How do Parishes access funds?
A Invoices sent through Clerk for transfer into PC’s accountParishes can apply for up to an extra £7,000 to cover professional fees, venue hire etc. Applications turned around in approximately 10 days. Need to include a good project plan. Details can be found on workshop to be held on 12th June by Dave Tristram and Sam. Need to apply to be booked in for 30 minute slot.
Q How will cuts affect N Plans?
A Mostly OK but research section at HC will probably be affected
Q Can questionnaire identify what the N Plan can achieve with regards to level of housing, type of development, occupancy?
A Need to understand level of housing in relation to Rural housing needs, which have been identified as 5,300 units over the next 18 years. This has already been reduced by 1,000 windfall properties (one-off builds) and 724 commitments made. Of the remaining 3,576, Golden Valley has been designated 304, which will be reduced further once windfall and committed numbers are known. (Figures taken from earlier presentation) Buildings outside village envelope could not be stopped but design could be dictated.AD&B is identified under RA2 of the Core Strategy and policy 145 would allow for developments to be of tied occupancy through 106 agreementsEH and Pontrilas come under RA1 and policy 144 which would not allow 106 agreementsPossible that development figures identified under N Plan could deal with holiday home issues.Possible that influence can be brought to bear on construction of wind and solar farms.
Q Should Area of Outstanding Beauty status be mentioned in questionnaire?
A Yes
Q What should Ewyas Harold GPC be doing while other parishes are gaining information to correspond to Parish Plan?
  • Review Parish Plan to see what relates to development and consider including this as part of consultation
  • Find out whether issues identified through Parish Plan are still relevant/important
  • Look in UDP and Core Strategy to see what is said about Ewyas Harold
Q What help is available when writing N Plan questionnaires?
A Chris Gooding (HC) will provide comments on draft s (copy to Sam Banks)Good responses were obtained from those produced by Lyonshall and Eardisley – may be worth contactingHC have model questionnaire on website
Q Are there examples of completed Neighbourhood Plans?
A Upper Eden, St James Exeter and Thame Oxfordshire
Chair closed meeting and expressed thanks to Sam Banks for attending
Next Meeting
Thursday 18th July at 7pm in Abbeydore Village Hall: Minutes to be inserted here.


Joint Neighbourhood Plan (NP) MeetingHeld on 25th November 2013 at 7pm in Abbeydore Village Hall
Toby Murcott (Abbeydore & Bacton), Dave Cook(AB), David Bannister(AB), Peter Rostron(AB), Malcolm Walker (representing Kentchurch and Clerk, Kentchurch and Abbeydore & Bacton), Sheila Walker, Peter Jinman(Ewyas Harold), Fred Belcher(EH), Angela Curtis (EH), Carla Boyles (Clerk, Ewyas Harold Group)
1 Apologies
John Pring (Kentchurch)
2 Update from Kentchurch
Malcolm Walker provided an update on progress. The questionnaire was now completed.
3 Consultants
It was known that there were consultants offering services to carry out various stages of the Neighbourhood Plan process and it had been indicated that not all anticipated stages were necessary. There was also funding available for the costs of producing a plan of up to £7000.   It was agreed that it was worth investigating the option of using a consultant. In the interests of best value, Toby Murcott agreed to try and arrange an evening for presentations from three, if possible, consultants, preferably before Christmas. This would include Kirkwells, who were already undertaking Neighbourhood Plans in Herefordshire. If this was not possible, a meeting would be arranged with Kirkwells. It was agreed that the meeting needed to be quorate for a steering group meeting to continue after the presentations. The matter of indemnity if a consultant was used would need to be questioned. It was requested that all parish councils involved check their standing orders for guidelines relating to contracts/expenditure.
Further to interest relating to AONB, Natural England had responded that this was being considered. It was noted that there may be implications for development in an AONB.
5 Tourism Centre
This was being considered by Abbeydore & Bacton following the outcome of the questionnaire, but enquired as to whether this was currently being considered by Ewyas Harold GPC. Any proposals that emerge regarding this would be passed on so as to avoid duplication.
6 Expenses
It was agreed that the relevant parish submit invoices for expenses incurred by them, but relating it to the same reference. Malcolm Walker agreed to submit invoices for £556.31 for Abbeydore & Bacton expenses and £326.12 for Kentchurch expenses.
7 Next Meeting   TBA   Joint Neighbourhood Plan (NP) MeetingHeld on 9th January 2014 at 2:00 pm in Abbeydore Village Hall  Present:Toby Murcott (Abbeydore & Bacton), Dave Cook(AB), David Bannister(AB), John Pring (Kentchurch), Mary Pullen (AB), Fred Belcher(EH), Angela Curtis (EH), Carla Boyles (Clerk, Ewyas Harold Group).

  1. Apologies:

Malcolm Walker (Clerk AB and K)


  1. Consultants:

We received a presentation from Kirkwells, Neighbourhood Planning Consultants.

After the presentation it was agreed that the Steering Group would recommend to the Parish Councils that Kirkwells be engaged as consultants on the NDP under the following terms.

Kirkwells will provide a breakdown of their proposed costs and we will apply for a grant to cover these costs from Localities to cover these costs. If the grant is successful then we will employ Kirkwells. If it is not then the steering group will consider alternatives. Kirkwells have provisionally agreed to offer assistance with the grant application on this basis.

Items 3 – 6 to be inserted here.

Item 7 Next meeting TBA



Joint Neighbourhood Plan (NP) MeetingHeld on 24th March 2014 at 1.00pm in Abbeydore Village Hall
Dave Cook(Abbeydore & Bacton), David Bannister(AB), Peter Rostron(AB),Mary Pullan (AB), John Pring (Kentchurch), Fred Belcher(Ewyas Harold), Carla Boyles (Clerk, Ewyas Harold Group), Michael Wellock and Louise Kirkup (Kirkwells)
1 Apologies
Angela Curtis (EH) Toby Murcott (AB)
2 Kirkwells
2.1 Introductions were carried out and Michael Wellock requested confirmation that everyone was happy with their fee proposal, which was confirmed.
2.2 Kirkwells requested information on the current position and any developments since the last meeting they attended in January.   Issues that were identified were:
Kirkwells to request clarification from Herefordshire Council of where Pontrilas and Kentchurch stand within the Core Strategy housing policies as they are not identified individually – have they been included within Ewyas Harold?
Kirkwells to request clarification from Herefordshire Council regarding current timescale for the Core Strategy.
Kirkwells were made aware of the proposals by Savills/Kentchurch Court Estate for a housing development of around 40 houses in Ewyas Harold.
A possible future development in Pontrilas/Kentchurch of 15/16 dwellings was raised.
2.3 The options for the way forward were either to carry out a further stage of consultation or to progress to a draft plan. The group agreed that progression to a draft plan was preferred.
2.4 Action required by the steering group/parish councils to progress this was identified as:
Each parish council to get together all documentation/consultation results/background information etc. to be forwarded to Kirkwells.
Each individual parish council to compile a document stating their vision, key issues and objectives. This should include specific issues such as flooding (local evidence if available), AONB proposals, settlement boundaries (whether to remain the same or amend, shown on map if possible), any green spaces to protect (shown on map if possible), facilities (pubs etc.) to protect etc.
This information is to be compiled and sent to Kirkwells by Friday 18th April 2014.
Kirkwells will then deliver a 1st draft by Friday 23rd May 2014. The layout would use a common introduction and then three separate parts for the individual areas.
Next meeting with Kirkwells agreed for Thursday 12th June 2014 at 1.00pm. This will give time for the 1st draft to be reviewed by steering group/parish councils ready for discussion of any revisions/amendments at the meeting.
2.5 Kirkwells will also prepare a National & Local Planning Policy Assessment which links national and local planning policy to the evidence base.   This will probably be provided prior to the draft plan so they can be looked at together.
2.6 Constraint maps for environmental assessments should be requested from Sam Banks for each of the areas as they will be needed for the plan.


Joint Neighbourhood Plan (NP) MeetingHeld on 29th April 2014 at 10.00am in Abbeydore Village Hall
Toby Murcott(Abbeydore & Bacton), Dave Cook (AB), Peter Rostron(AB), John Pring (Kentchurch), Liz Overstall (Ewyas Harold Group), Carla Boyles (Clerk, Ewyas Harold Group)
1 Apologies
Angela Curtis (EH), Fred Belcher (EH), Judith Webb (EH), Julie Wilson-Thomas (EH)
2 Consultation on Potential Development Sites
All three parish councils had now submitted the information required by Kirkwells to prepare the first draft of the plan.   It was considered that there was now a need to carry out public consultation on potential development sites in the parishes and to update the public generally on the Neighbourhood Plan.   After discussion it was recommended that Abbeydore & Bacton hold their own meeting and Ewyas Harold Group and Kentchurch would hold a joint meeting, due to the common road issues etc.
It was recommended that after these public meetings, all further meetings be held together.
3 Newsletter Update for Distribution
It was agreed that a newsletter providing an update on progress should be distributed shortly to keep the public informed.
4 Website
Liz Overstall had created a Neighbourhood Plan website in WordPress at
The site could now go live as a work in progress. Any photos or content for the site were encouraged – please forward to Liz Overstall.
5 Grant Funds and Payments to Kirkwells
Kirkwells had submitted their first stage invoice. It was recommended that this was paid as they had completed the agreed work for this stage. As the clerk to Ewyas Harold had obtained and accepted the grant, for simplicity it was agreed for Ewyas Harold to pay Kirkwells’ invoices as the grant was being paid to their bank account.
Dore Abbey is now subject to a conservation management plan, which is of relevance to the plan.
It was suggested that paragraph 55 planning policy provided some wording that may be suitable for use in the plan.
It was requested that an electronic copy of the Kentchurch submission for the first draft of the plan be distributed.
The status of the steering group was confirmed as making recommendations to the relevant parish councils and that decision making lies with the parish councils.
NOTE: After contact with Kirkwells following the meeting and their advice on consultation/public meetings the action recommended under item 2 will be discussed further and reviewed.


Joint Neighbourhood Plan (NP) MeetingHeld on 12th June 2014 at 1.00pm in Abbeydore Village Hall
Toby Murcott(Abbeydore & Bacton), Dave Cook (AB), David Bannister (AB), John Pring (Kentchurch), Liz Overstall (Ewyas Harold Group), Carla Boyles (Clerk, Ewyas Harold Group), Richard Stow (EH), Michael Wellock and Louise Kirkup (Kirkwells)
1 Apologies
Julie Wilson-Thomas (EH), Fred Belcher (EH), Peter Rostron (AB), Mary Pullen (AB). It was noted that Angela Curtis would no longer be on the steering group.
2 Introduction to the skeleton draft by Kirkwells
The various discussion points of the draft plan were considered:
(1) Introduction – It was agreed this should be a plan-wide introduction, moving into a chapter for each parish.
(1.3) Each parish council needs to write a ‘pen picture’, to be one paragraph maximum.   This needs to be forwarded to Kirkwells.
(1.4) Each parish council needs to write a brief summary of consultation carried out to date – what was done & dates. This needs to be forwarded to Kirkwells.
Any parish councils commenting on the Core Strategy, please forward a copy of comments to Kirkwells for information.
(4.3) Headings – these were agreed. Kirkwells would draft content for under the headings and would circulate for parishes to add a local flavour.
Abbeydore & Bacton Section
(5.2) Vision – Suggestion to write in present tense (note that if this is the case, it should be done for all parishes).
(5.3) Key Issues – Additional objectives required (Kirkwells to do).
(5.13) Abbeydore & Bacton to decide which of the options for housing to take forward.
(5.17) Policy 3 – this may not be necessary and would be reviewed as it is covered by the Core Strategy.
(5.21) Policy 4, Tourism – it was agreed that it would be appropriate to include a plan-wide policy on tourism, low key tourism that would integrate the whole of the Golden Valley.
(5.21) Policy 5, Community Facilities – Abbeydore & Bacton to list facilities to be protected, such as public houses, village halls etc.
(5.25) Policy 6, Flooding – it was agreed that it would be appropriate to include a plan-wide policy on flooding.
(5.28) Policy 7, Protecting Landscape Character – Any views that should be protected should be identified here. These should be marked on maps, including direction of view etc. and forwarded to Kirkwells. Inclusion of something about protecting the general setting.
Ewyas Harold Group Section
(6.2) Vision – not been included but EHGPC has sent to Kirkwells. Kirkwells to find and include.
(6.4) Objectives – Rowlestone has been moved to Tier 2 in the Core Strategy and EHGPC is objecting to this and requesting it is moved back to be protected by policy RA3. Therefore the NP will be prepared on the basis that Rowlestone is included under RA3.
(6.6) Housing – different options for housing development would be consulted upon to ascertain which path to take.
(6.9) Housing design – design statement has been used as a base. It was agreed for Kirkwells to include a separate policy for Highways and Streetscapes.
(6.12) Kirkwells have suggested an Environment & Landscape policy for Abbeydore & Bacton – should this be a plan-wide policy? EHGPC to consider.
(6.15) Primary School – The NP should include provision for a new school in a new location.   This is a long term objective, so Kirkwells would specify the criteria, should a school be built and include it either in the vision or as a policy.
(6.12) Pontrilas Rail Station – Agreed that this would be flagged in the NP as something that would favourable and aspirational for all parishes, but would not be a policy.
Kentchurch Section
(7.8) Housing – as with Ewyas Harold, different options for housing development would be consulted upon to ascertain which path to take.
3 What additional information is required
The additional information required by Kirkwells (highlighted in bold above) should be gathered/drafted over the next two weeks and sent to Kirkwells by 26th June 2014.   Two weeks after this, Kirkwells will provide Version 2 of the draft.
4 Discussion on consultations with advice from Kirkwells on ways to proceed
A newsletter detailing the issues would be compiled within two weeks and distributed, followed by a public meeting for people to vote on the preferred option. Proposed date for the meeting would be 16th July 2014, 3.30-8.00pm at Ewyas Harold Memorial Hall, but this would depend on availability of the hall. It was suggested the meeting be joint between Ewyas Harold Group and Kentchurch, but with Abbeydore & Bacton represented also. Maps, size A0 with the settlement boundary on, would need to be ordered by the individual parish councils. Carla Boyles would check hall availability and order a banner stating ‘Your Neighbourhood Plan here today’.
The outcome of the public meeting will determine the subsequent course of action.
The next meeting would be arranged by email once the outcome of the public meeting was known.
Currently looking at a possible first six week formal consultation at the end of September, with a launch early on in the six week period.
Strategic Environmental Assessment and Screening information to be forwarded to Kirkwells.


Joint Neighbourhood Plan (NP) MeetingHeld on 19th August 2014 at 7.00pm in Abbeydore Village Hall
Toby Murcott(Abbeydore & Bacton), Dave Cook (AB), David Bannister (AB), Peter Rostron (AB), Mary Pullen (AB), John Pring (Kentchurch), Malcolm Walker (Clerk, Abbeydore & Bacton and Kentchurch), Liz Overstall (Ewyas Harold Group), Fred Belcher (EH), Carla Boyles (Clerk, Ewyas Harold Group)
1 Acceptance of Minutes of Meeting 12th June 2014
Richard Stow to be added to attendance list.
2 Clerk
The steering group has been attended by Carla, Clerk to EHGPC on an informal basis. However, there will be a steady increase in workload for the steering group and it had been proposed that consideration be given to employing a clerk for the remaining period of the NDP.
Agreed to recommend to the individual parish councils that a clerk be employed. A budget of £600 would be suggested.
Consideration was given as to who would be employed, should the parish councils agree.
Agreed to recommend Carla Boyles, Clerk to EHGPC.
Should the parish councils be in agreement, the necessary arrangements would be put in place.
3 Entering a discussion with Herefordshire Council on the number of houses required based on the assumption that the development of 38 houses in Ewyas Harold will be given planning permission
It was agreed that no formal approach be made to Herefordshire Council, but that an informal discussion could be had with the Neighbourhood Planning team. The other Neighbourhood Plan groups in the Golden Valley could also be asked about development in their areas.
All parishes to continue to draft policies for their respective areas based on the information currently available.
Toby Murcott to draft a letter to other NDP groups in the Golden Valley, asking about known development proposals in their areas, to be circulated to the steering group before sending.
Carla Boyles to informally contact the Neighbourhood Planning team at Herefordshire Council regarding housing numbers.
4 Drawing up of an executive summary of the plan as an aid to consultation
This was considered as a means to assist with ‘readability’ of the plan. This was agreed as a good idea.
Toby Murcott to draft in consultation with Kirkwells.
5 Outstanding issues raised by the Draft Document
It was agreed that individual parishes would address the outstanding issues in their relevant sections.
Outstanding issues for the general/overall sections were discussed.
All parishes to expand the details of consultation carried out.
Toby Murcott to draft overall vision and objectives for the plan wide policies and proposals section.
Query with Kirkwells whether Policy G1(c) can be changed to 10% larger rather than no larger?
Query with Kirkwells whether Policy G1(e) needs to be included?
Policy G2 not to include a size threshold as this will be dealt with by the Core Strategy.
All revisions to be forwarded to Toby Murcott by Tuesday 2nd September.
6 Assessment of Kirkwell’s performance to date against agreed timetable and actions
Concern about the standard of the previous draft of the plan had been expressed, but it was agreed that the latest version was much improved. The timetable had fallen slightly behind, probably due to the complexity of the plan and the number of areas involved. It was agreed that momentum needed to be maintained to ensure maximum use of the Locality grant, which has to be used by 31st December 2014.
7 Next meeting with Kirkwells
A meeting would be arranged for around a months time. A Doodle would be circulated.
Malcolm Walker offered to take over updating the NDP website. Liz Overstall was thanked for all her work on this to date.


Joint Neighbourhood Plan (NP) MeetingHeld on 23rd September 2014 at 1.00pm in Abbeydore Village Hall
Toby Murcott(Abbeydore & Bacton), John Pring (Kentchurch), Liz Overstall (Ewyas Harold Group), Fred Belcher (EH) Graham Powell (Ward Member), Carla Boyles (Clerk, Ewyas Harold Group), Michael Wellock and Louise Kirkup (Kirkwells)
1 Apologies
Dave Cook and David Bannister.
2 Housing Allocation Numbers
Ewyas Harold Group Parish Council had confirmed they wished to retain the settlement boundary and deal with housing development by criteria based policy. Kirkwells suggested including data in the draft to explain why this approach had been used.
Carla Boyles to obtain a list of housing completions, outstanding permissions and in hand applications and send these to Kirkwells to be put in a table for inclusion in the plan.
Liz Overstall and Fred Belcher to strengthen the housing policies to ensure the risk of speculative development is minimised.
3 Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)
Sam Banks had sent the SEA Part 1 information and had requested comments/amendments by 29th September. It was agreed that there was some information that hadn’t been included, which should be. The draft could not be completed without the completed SEA information.
All parishes to forward any SEA information for inclusion to Toby Murcott, so that it can be sent to Sam Banks in one response, by 29th September.
Toby Murcott to ask Malcolm Walker to add details of the SEA information to the NDP website, after confirmation from Sam Banks that this was acceptable.
4 Further information required by Kirkwells to complete the draft
Kirkwells suggested the option of carrying out an informal consultation, which would include posting a draft plan, comments sheet and invitation to a consultation event, to every household and then holding an event towards the end of the consultation period. This could be done whilst Herefordshire Council were carrying out the SEA consultation and then comments from the consultation and the SEA information could be fed into the draft, which could then go out to formal consultation. This would not require sending to every household etc. again, but would include being published on the website, consultation with external bodies and possibly another consultation event. Kirkwells could provide a template comments form.
Agreed to recommend carrying out an informal consultation to the parish councils, on the above basis.
A timescale was discussed. It was agreed that all outstanding information to be sent to Kirkwells by Friday 3rd October. Kirkwells would then supply the final draft by Friday 10th October. This would then lead to a four week consultation period, with a consultation event around week 3, to be held on a Saturday at Ewyas Harold Memorial Hall.   Data from the consultation event would then be returned to Kirkwells by the end of November.
Agreed to recommend the above course of action to the parish councils.
Subject to parish council agreement, Toby Murcott to liaise with the school to include details in the school newsletter, speak to parents and collect consultation responses.
Subject to parish council agreement, Carla Boyles to book the Memorial Hall for a consultation event (date to be confirmed via email).
It was agreed that the executive summary being compiled by Toby Murcott should detail what isn’t included within the remit of the NDP.
Kirkwells advised more local detail for all sections of the plan, but especially Kentchurch.
Carla Boyles to contact Savills re. Kentchurch Court Estate to request their input.
Photographs of the local area, views, buildings, particularly those referenced in the plan were still needed.   All photos supplied required captions.
Kirkwells emphasised the need to add a local flavour to the plan, particularly by thinking through the policy criteria and how it relates locally.
Toby Murcott to send out an email appeal for photos and for people to think through the policies to take into account any local characteristics particular to the area.


Joint Neighbourhood Plan (NP) MeetingHeld on 3rd December 2014 at 2.00pm in Abbeydore Village Hall
Toby Murcott(Abbeydore & Bacton), Dave Cook (AB), David Bannister (AB), John Pring (Kentchurch), Liz Overstall (Ewyas Harold Group), Fred Belcher (EH), Carla Boyles (Clerk, Ewyas Harold Group) and Sam Banks (Herefordshire Council NP Team)
1 Apologies
2 Brief Sam Banks on progress to date, comments on progress so far
Toby Murcott gave an update as to what stage the plan was at and detailed the current informal consultation being carried out, ending on 5th December 2014.
3 Briefing from Sam Banks on any relevant matters
Sam Banks gave the following advice on the draft:
Housing Options – Need to include details of which housing options were considered and justification as to why they were or were not used.
If a settlement boundary is being used for one RA1 and not another, explain why.
Where a settlement boundary is being used it needs to be demonstrated that the settlement boundary can take the proportional growth.  Urban Capacity Study needs to be done – carry out a walk around sites to determine whether they could be possibilities for proportional growth or if they are green spaces that should be protected etc.
If there is a specific list of green spaces to be protected, this should be taken into a policy and should be explicit.  A map of them should be included in the plan.
Open spaces can still be protected without a settlement boundary.
Consultation Statement – This needs to be prepared including appendices with posters, leaflets etc.
A chart showing consultation comments made and the action taken on them needs to be included.
Use of pictures are good if they demonstrate a point and are relevant to policies, but only use pictures that add value, don’t use them for the sake of it.
Ensure every policy has a reason/justification for why the policy is there.
Reference to the Core Strategy (Pre-submission document) where possible.
Where possible, refer to where the policy has come from, such as 40% of respondents wanted ………
Any local views to be protected need to be shown on a map and need to be defined as much as possible – why that view is important, from where to where etc.  Need to be realistic and reasonable with this.
The table included in the draft showing planning commitments etc. should be broken down into parishes and it can be included within the appendices.
Infrastructure – should include a delivery plan.  Any major projects would involve the Local Transport Plan.  Three major infrastructure projects identified within the draft are Trappe House Corner, Pontrilas Rail Halt and a bridge over the A465.  Recommended that Jeremy Callard in the Transport team is spoken to about these projects.  The plan should only include projects that could happen within the plan period up to 2031.  The infrastructure plan could be the last chapter in the plan.
Policy G2, Rural Exception Housing – there is no anchor, it needs to mention where it can be.  Example, such as ‘Next to the built form of villages’.
Policy G6, Tourism – include new tourism?  Currently only covers existing.
Policy G7, Golden Valley Green Infrastructure –needs to be linked with green spaces map and information.
Policy G8, Highways and Transport – ‘inappropriate hardstanding’ needs to be defined.
Policy G9, Rural Environment and Tranquility – requesting a Noise Impact Assessment for any business proposal would be seen as unreasonable.  Could use business classes to define this.  Sam Banks would find out when Noise Impact Assessments are requested by Herefordshire Council as this may be covered by them.
Abbeydore & Bacton section, 5.3 needs to be included in the infrastructure plan.
Abbeydore & Bacton section, 5.5 needs to be included in the infrastructure plan.
Policy AB1, New Housing Development – Re-use brownfield land should include ‘where possible’.
Ewyas Harold Group section, Objectives 5 and 6 – if these are to be included there needs to be a policy that supports the development.
Ewyas Harold Group section, Objective 7, 8 and 9 – these need to be amalgamated into one objective and made less specific such as ‘improved highway safety’ and included in the infrastructure plan.
Ewyas Harold Group section – need to add an objective re. green spaces/conservation.
Policy EH1, Housing in the Village – due to national policy change the affordable housing provision needs to be changed from sites of 3 or more to sites of 6 or more.
New school site – site search needs to be included as evidence.  The preferred site was chosen by the school and therefore they should have this information.
Suggested that Herefordshire Council Education Department be spoken to about whether they are happy with the proposed site.
New school to be included in the infrastructure plan with details of how much it would cost and how it would be financed.
Old school site needs a policy of its own, covering what sort of use it would be for, community, housing etc.
Kentchurch section, policy K1 – typo re. reference to the Ewyas Harold Village Design Statement.
The Core Strategy is currently out for consultation and there has been no indication that there will be any major changes required.  A schedule of minor modifications will be released for consideration as to any impact they may have.
4 Questions to Sam Banks re. the SEA
Sam Banks recommended that the SEA and HRA be referred to within the plan to show that they have been regarded.
Sam Banks would use the existing draft to provide SEA comments.  She would endeavour to do this as soon as possible.
Advice detailed above, comments provided by Sam Banks on the SEA and changes arising from the consultation comments all need to be considered and appropriate amendments made to the draft plan.
Herefordshire Council provide SEA recommendations and it needs to be demonstrated that these have been responded to.  It is then reassessed by Herefordshire Council and an environment report produced.  This is then included with the draft plan for the Regulation 14 consultation.
5 Questions to Sam Banks re. the next stage, Regulation 14 Consultation
A copy of a checklist of requirements for the Regulation 14 consultation was provided.
Herefordshire Council have a list of statutory consultees available, which includes Herefordshire Council as a consultee.
Making the draft available via the internet with strategic copies available around the parishes was sufficient.  Large quantities of paper copies were not required.
6 Questions to Sam Banks re. the Regulation 16 Consultation
Additional requirements for Regulation 16 include:
A basic conditions statement that confirms you have regard to national policy, are in conformity with the Core Strategy, contribute to sustainable development, not breaching EU regulations, preserving listed buildings etc. (checklist provided with these details).
A consultation statement, as mentioned above, with details of consultation carried out and outcomes.
Sam Banks was asked what form the Regulation 14 consultation should take.  She said providing steps are taken to make interested parties aware that it is taking place, then that is sufficient.  There were no set rules and it was for individual NP areas to decide the best options for them.
Sam Banks left the meeting and was thanked for her input.
The group considered action required:
Details of local businesses and any other interested parties to be sent to Toby Murcott by the end of Wednesday 10th December 2014.  Toby Murcott to then send email out making them aware of the plan.
Toby Murcott to send an email to Cllr Graham Powell asking what stage enquiries re. the school and transport/A465 options are at.
Liz Overstall to contact the school re. site search information.
Toby Murcott to contact the transport department regarding feasibility/funding of major infrastructure projects.
Liz Overstall and Fred Belcher to collate consultation data for Ewyas Harold Group.
Toby Murcott to collate consultation data for Abbeydore & Bacton Group.
There was currently no data to collate for Kentchurch.
Each parish to work on the changes required to the draft for their respective areas.  With the grant deadline of 31st December nearing, this needed to be done as soon as possible.







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